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Location 111-104




Dudee Chiang

Phone: 4-8260


Marlon Hernandez

Phone: 4-9258



M-F 7:30am – 5pm. Closed RDO





M-F 8am-4pm, Closed RDO

About the HubAbout the Hub


The Hub is a collaborative work space located in Building 111, Room 104 and is managed by the JPL Library.  Events and activities promoting cross functional collaborations are highly encouraged.  All events and activities should be related to JPL work.


The HUB includes both the Library services desk and the OCIO 4-HELP desk (for device pickup, etc.).

  • Hub OPEN 24/7: Badge access M-F before 7:30am & after 5:15pm
  • Library Services Desk: M-F 7:30am – 4:45pm. Closed RDO
  • OCIO 4-Help Desk: M-F 8am-4pm, Closed RDO

See right hand section for contact information on both service desks.

Recent Events @ The Hub

JPL Stories: About

  • Time changes all: My times at JPL in 3 Acts and 4 stories. – Story Poster
  • Surveyor 1: The first controlled landing on a celestial body – Story Poster
  • Cassini’s Blaze of Glory Part II: What will it take to get to the Grand Finale? – and not too early! – Story Poster

Explore IT Workshop Series: JPL Tube Channel

  • Outlook Vault
  • Jabber Update

Open Developer Meetup: Community Site

  • Node.js application can host its own API documentation by including swagger-jsdoc and swagger-ui-express. You can clone Mark’s example repository here. JPL Tube Link.
  • Org mode for Emacs, a plain-text-based to-do list, calendar, spreadsheet, and more. Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system. JPL Tube Link.
  • Engineering Modeling System, which aids in the management of complex, integrated, distributed, and heterogeneous information systems based on MagicDraw models and an interaction web framework. You can find out more about EMS here, and view Chrishma’s Launch Systems web page, based on EMS, here. JPL Tube Link.
  • NASA World Wind for JavaScript, an Open Source virtual globe technology providing the means to visualize, manipulate, and analyze data in a real world virtual representation. JPL Tube Link.

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How do I contact the 4-Help Desk at the Hub?
For all inquiries about the 4-Help Desk at the Hub, please contact 4-4357.How can I reserve the large projection screen for a big presentation?
Use of the main presentation space on the north side of the Hub needs to be scheduled through LARS Office.
    • Check availability via Calendar 'hubatbeaconinformationcommons'
    • Make reservation by calling Dudee Chiang (4-8260).
    • Indicate if you need microphone, projector, cables, laptop, or additional chairs -- and the number of chairs.
    • You are responsible for setting up and taking down any arrangement in the space.
Large Projection Screen at the Hub
How can I reserve a meeting space?
The glass conference room and the HDTV collaboration spaces are all first-come-first-serve. However, we can accommodate reservations any open meeting space. Call us during business hours at x4-4200 to make your reservation.How do the TV's work?
We have a total of five HDTV collaboration spaces. Each HDTV features VGA connectivity to computers. Two of the collaboration spaces feature multi-user VGA inputs, allowing up to four users to be plugged in and quickly share screens with their collaborators. There are quick setup guides near/on each of the screens. Please call Marlon Hernandez (4-9258) or stop by the circulation desk if you have any questions.Are there computer workstations at the Hub?
We have one terminal for our patrons. We also have excellent WiFi coverage throughout the Hub and Library wings. For information on JPL WiFi please click here.What about Charging Time?
  • Employees (Weekly and Hourly) that use the Information Commons during normal scheduled hours, or during an altered shift (For collaboration not related to their current work assignments), and the amount of time is reasonable in duration , the time shall be considered an incidental activity (DocID 61772, 4.2)
  • Employees (Weekly and Hourly) using the Commons to conduct effort related to their current work assignment, shall charge their current work assignment
  • Any “after hours” activities will be considered on the employee’s “own time”, and not part of the employee’s work schedule
    • Any entertainment activities should not be occurring during normal business hours
  • If a JPL Band or Music Group performs, the band must perform on their “own time”, due to the fact that this will be construed as entertainment, which is an unallowable cost
  • Vending machine items shall be self-service/fee based (i.e. not free to employees)