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Access and Circulation:

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Caltech Libraries FAQ for JPLCaltech Libraries FAQ for JPL

Can JPL employees use the Caltech Library?

Yes. JPL regular employees (with a picture ID card) are eligible for a Caltech Library card. Card holders may borrow circulating materials (except for journals) directly from the Caltech Library. A JPL regular employee may register for a library card during the hours of 8am-4:30pm on Monday to Friday at the Sherman Fairchild Library. The Sherman Fairchild Library is open for access from 8am-12am on weekdays and 9am-12am on weekends during academic term.

Can JPL on-site contractors use the Caltech Library?

Yes. With their JPL badges, they can use the collections on-site, Monday-Friday, 8am-12am. They do not have borrowing or printing privileges.

Can JPL employees make copies of materials in the Caltech Library?

Those with Caltech IDs can use their access.caltech login to print and/or make copies. Those without a Caltech appointment are not able to print or make copies. However, multipurpose printer/scanners are available at Sherman Fairchild Library (1st floor) and Millikan Library (Basement). These can be used to scan material to a flash drive or to an email address.

Can I use the Caltech Library catalog and other electronic services?

Yes. You can access the Caltech Library catalog from the JPL intranet at Caltech Library catalog. Those who have registered for borrowing privileges may borrow a laptop for a limited period of time from a pool of dedicated notebook computers in the Sherman Fairchild Library. These computers must remain in the library at all times.
The Caltech guest wireless network may be used to meet general internet access, but cannot access the Caltech Library licensed databases, ebooks, and/or online journals.

Can I order copies of articles on Docuserve, Caltech Library’s ILL service?

Yes, if you have both a Caltech ID and an account. Requests with JPL account numbers for material not available in the Caltech Library, will be re-routed to the JPL Library. Please note, JPL also has ILL services.

Who do I ask if I need more information about Caltech Library services available to JPL employees?

For library access and circulation questions, contact the Sherman Fairchild Library at 161-3405.  For reference questions, contact the Sherman Fairchild Library reference desk at 161-3404, or email, Monday-Friday, 8-5pm.