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Call x4-4200 for Help

Consultation Team


Dudee Chiang

Phone: 4-8260

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Minh N Le

Phone: 4-5954


Sara R Tompson

Phone: 4-3007


Camille E Mathieu

Phone: 4-0634


Caroline M Coward

Phone: 4-9263


Consultation ServicesConsultation Services

General Reference

Do you need a quick answer? The JPL Library Reference Information Desk is staffed from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Library, Archives, and Records Section is closed the JPL Regular Day Off Fridays. For general information please call (818) 354-4200, or email the reference information desk at

Sample questions:

Do you have books on acoustic testing?

Is the Mali Lake Debo inland delta area called Macina or Massina?

Please find an article by King written in the 1950s on the scientific uses of earth satellites.

Literature Search Services

When you need information beyond a simple web search, the JPL Library has access to hundreds of bibliographic and full-text databases that are not available through general web searches. We can help you find information and our time is not charged to your project. For more information please contact the a subject specialist or (818) 354-4200.

Sample questions:

What is the effect of atomic oxygen on germanium coated kapton?

I need a couple of general references on the description, mineralogy, and origin of the Bandelier Tuff in New Mexico.

I need a few good articles on developing a vision statement and strategic goals.

Consultation and Research Services

Do you need help compiling a comprehensive bibliography? Gathering information for a paper or presentation? Analyzing scientific and technical information or NASA directives?  Finding citations to articles by or about your project? We can work with you to perform customized literature searches, regular updates on specific topics, etc. We save you time at no charge to your project.

You can get started by emailing, or directly contacting anyone on the Consultation Team — see photos and contact information in the carousel at the top right of this web page.

                                                                                                                                            Last updated: January 2015