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Online Exhibits

Going Green

Going GreenDecades before the words "Going Green" became widely used, JPL was developing technologies to save energy and help the enviornment. When the first energy crisis hit in 1973, JPL's Civil Systems Program Office was already working on a hydrogen fuel cell car. You can learn more about JPL "Going Green": the story of solar thermal, electric cars, clean water, clean coal, and conservation efforts on Lab and how they fit into the national picture.

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Explorer 1 Oral History Interviews

Explorer 1 Team The  JPL Archives  staff selected four audio clips from interviews conducted with William Pickering, Al Hibbs, and Homer Joe Stewart to commemorate the success of Explorer 1; the first U. S. satellite following Sputnik. The U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Agency used a Jupiter C rocket to launch the satellite  designed and built by JPL in just 3 months.

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Faces of Leadership: the Directors of JPL

Former DirectorsThis exhibit provides a brief profile, gallery of photos, selected publication lists, biographical information, and links to archival collections and other websites for each JPL Director including: Dr. Theodore von Karman, Dr. Frank J. Malina, Dr. Louis G. Dunn, Dr. WIlliam H. Pickering, Dr. Bruce C. Murray, Gen. Charles H. Terhune, Dr. Lew Allen, Jr., Dr. Edward C. Stone, Dr. Charles Elachi, and Dr. Michael M. Watkins.

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Historical Images of Voyager's Grand Tour

VoyagerIn 1977, two unmanned spacecraft, designed and built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, were launched on reconnaissance missions to the outer planets. Voyager 1 is the most distant human-made object in the universe. This online resource provides a gallery of planetary images and links to archival collections and other websites about the Voyager missions.

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