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On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 4:00-5:00 PM

Deborah Vane, CloudSat Project Manager, will present:

A Near-Death Experience: Saving the CloudSat Spacecraft from a Severe Battery Anomaly

A battery anomaly in April 2011 drove the CloudSat spacecraft into its lowest-level of fault protection. This is a story of the technical challenges of the recovery and also of the human aspects of a long, protracted recovery effort. It is a story of team will-power, talent and perseverance, with the support of JPL and NASA management and not a small measure of luck. Learn how “DO-Op Rocks” became the CloudSat team mantra!

JPL Stories is organized by the JPL Library, Archives and Records. For additional questions, please contact the reference desk at or call ext. 4-4200.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a JPL Story?
An informal talk about a JPL project or series of event, usually giving a personal perspective or reminiscence about the experience.Who are the storytellers?
Any JPL employee that has an interesting story to tell about his or her JPL experience.What is the format of a JPL Story?
We try to keep the program as flexible as possible and include a cross section of storytellers from the JPL community. Stories can take place in the past, present or future; they can be historical or make believe; and they can be light-hearted or serious.What is the purpose of the JPL Story Program?
They’re an effective way to communicate and understand an organization’s culture and can help employees develop a sense of organizational identity. Stories offer an approach different from the more formal lectures, seminars and town halls we have at JPL – they offer another way to be a part of the discussion.Are the stories recorded?
With the storyteller’s permission, we make a videorecording of each story. These are available for viewing from Teresa Bailey, x4-9233, teresa.r.bailey@jpl.nasa.govHow can I participate?
Please contact Teresa Bailey, x4-9233,