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Beth Daruthayan

Phone: 4-9236


Page ChargesPage Charges

What organization on Lab handles page charges? Is that the same for color charges and reprints?

All financial commitments for page charges, color charges and reprints must be made through the JPL Library. Only authorized employees shall make contractual commitments in JPL’s name. (DocID 60413)


Who in the JPL Library should I contact?

Contact Beth Daruthayan at or 4-9236.


What does the JPL Library need from me?

Send any links, emails and/or order forms from the publisher, your clearance number (or your URS number if the article is still under peer-review), and your project/task number to Beth Daruthayan.


What organization on Lab handles copyright transfers, also known as publishing agreements?

Document Review handles copyright transfers. Forward any such agreements to Document Review.


Do I have to submit to URS even though I am not the lead author?

Yes. Any co-authored papers must be cleared through URS.  (DocID 56614)


Can JPL cover the costs of publication even though I am not the lead author?

Yes. The JPL author does not have to be the lead author for JPL to cover the costs.


Can JPL cover the costs of Open Access?

Open access journals allow publishers to make an author’s paper freely available. Mandatory open access fees may be allowable, but voluntary fees for open access, are unallowable. JPL already posts publicly available, full text papers on the TRS for free.


What will I need to do if I do not contact the JPL Library?

You may be subject to the ratification process as detailed in the JPL Rules Procedure Ratifying Unauthorized Commitments, Rev. 4 (DocID 60420) Ratification requires that you create a memo detailing the situation and have it signed by your Section Manager, Division Manager and Director-For.